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BBQ '23 - One of the best for a few years!...

Nick Vine

21 August 2023

Well! That was certainly one of the best for a few years in my opinion and many others I have spoken to since. Although for whatever reason numbers were down a bit, the whole evening went amazingly well.

Noticeably the food line and the Bar went without any hitches and minimal queuing, which made us think, it may be the way forward. We would welcome people’s feedback through our Facebook page.

Andy Lenaghan reviews the evening...

Probably the highlight of the evening was the Party Band, who perform together for special events outside of their work with Warner hotels. We decided to book them for our event after having had a recommendation. We certainly did not regret it. All round the vocals were clear with a great choice of songs across a vast range of music with two sections being a tribute to ABBA and Queen.. Those sitting outside also enjoyed the music because of the clarity of the performance.

The special effects that were provided for the evening can only be described as brilliant. These were provided by a wonderful guy who is a friend of a member and gave us three days of his time to set it up and then take down again. Having seen it you can see why, he certainly knew his trade.

Any profit made from the event, do not forget goes toward the Community Mini Bus which is available for local charities and good causes to use. This may be less than we normally make, but overall we think the result will be pleasing when we have it all audited. The raffle was very successful with all winners having been notified.

Our grateful thanks to Stan and Mary Pike again for the use of the farm again which is no small gesture, having to empty the Barn and other chores before we all arrive. We have the support of the wider family also with James driving the fork lift when needed. Tim also saved the day with a rather hilarious situation, when we realised we had overlooked the plates. He rather surprisingly produced 500 disposable dinner plates so the evening was saved.

Lastly, thanks to our team of workers. Over the last two years we have had a recruitment drive and have gained some quality enthusiastic members. This had made running the event so much easier and rewarding for us older ones who have been around for some time. Had we not had this input of new blood the event would not be what it is today or indeed possibly not even held.

Thank you for reading this report and we look forward to seeing many of you at our next event, the PIG RACING!!

Trevor Slydell

Anyone spot this on the end of one of our new BBQ’s donated by Smith and Austin? Great gesture remembering one of our longest serving members, Trevor Slydell who passsed away last year.

Northney Farm Tea Rooms...

...for amazing events!


Our grateful thanks to Northney Farm for the support they have given us over many years. Without this support the BBQ would not be the major local event it is today. Why not visit the tea rooms and look out at this beautiful dairy farm.

We would also like to thank L&S for the support again over many years they have given us. As we all know clearing rubbish is expensive and every year we are relieved of this burden.

Over the last couple of years our BBQ’s have become slightly battered to the extent a couple needed replacing. Our grateful thanks to Smith and Austin who made the original ones, coming up trumps again. They do not have an online presence but we would like to acknowledge their help which was free of charge. Fabulous gesture engraved on the BBQ which many of you may have noticed on the night. See above.

We would also like to thank Alan Rae Butchers who supply the meat for the BBQ. They also send a team on the night to help on the cooking line. This is a massive help to the club.