Our Current Minibus

Acquired at the end of 2016, our current minibus is a 17 seater Ford Transit. We have also purchased land where we have built an off road garage where the minibus is stored when not in use.

See this website for details of who can legally drive the bus.

To enquire about booking the minibus please contact Trevor Slydell on 02392 468883 or 07836 241920

Currently most of our fund raising goes to financing the minibus which any charity or organisation can request the use of providing they have a qualified driver.

This we think is the best way we can help local charities on a continuing basis. The bus is normally replaced every three years.

Previous Minibuses

Club Trustees : Phil Gooch, John Cottle & Andy Lenaghan
Minibus Trustees : Trevor Slydell, Phil Gooch & Dave Stanway