2021 – December Collection

Happy Christmas from the club to our generous residents on what was a very cold day. There was a great atmosphere and a successful collection raised the magnicent sum of £382. This will go some way to keeping our mini bus available for local charities to use.
All you male friends and those who have liked our Facebook page, look forward to an invite to lunch in the new year sometime with a view to helping the club. 
Thanks to Party#1 for giving their time so generously today.
Mengham Collection
Santa’s Grotto
Santa & Freinds

2021 – Underused Minibus

Due to COVID we have an underused mini bus. So many groups have ceased or currently not functioning. This Bus is for the free use of charitable organisations and good causes based on Hayling. So if you need transport for your group please contact Trevor Slydell on 07836 241920

2020 – December – Sad News

We as a club are all devastated at the news one of our longer serving members Roy Winsor passed away yesterday on the 16th December. Roy was a great guy to have around in the club, always a hard worker at our annual BBQ at Northney Farm, plus a great supporter of the ethos of the club. This BBQ was always followed by a celebration party at his house where all helpers and family were invited. Many of you will know Roy had a home with access to the creek, so the event was always arranged when the tides were high to allow him to treat every person who wanted to go to a boat trip round the sailing club. Canoes and windsurfers were always to hand for those who wanted a go. Roy loved his garden games and always had something different for us to play.
Roy joined the Businessmen’s club in 1989 which shows how much he enjoyed being a member. He was Chairman in 1994. Roy loved life even after he lost his sight in the later years, and led by example. He loved the sea and was a skilled sailor, he also had a love of flying. I do believe he was also a very skilled carpenter probably in the marine industry! We will miss him dearly at our meetings and events and send our condolences to his wife Christine and his extended family. Please look out for the funeral details which are not available at this time.
The picture is one of Roy when going on a recent flight.

In happier news, you may recall last month I mentioned about the minibus
being brought out of lockdown to be used by Mill Rythe Infant School. It was great to see the bus being put to use by a local school on a regular basis, as it is predominantly used by our more senior citizens.

It was even lovelier to receive a letter, with photographs, from the school showing how much the children enjoy and learn from their regular trips to
the beach on Hayling. These lessons are known as Beach School. The letter said: ‘I work with Beach School at Mill Rythe Infant School and am so very thankful for the minibus you offer us.
‘The minibus enables us to take children on a regular basis to experience all
that our local beach has to offer. ‘By going to the beach, the children are developing their resilience in a number of ways and are learning about our fabulous environment. ‘We go out in all weathers and very often need our coats and hats – especially at this time of year.

We engage in various activities and the minibusride is one of great excitement in itself. Thank you for supporting us.’ When the minibus use gives so much pleasure it makes the hard work of fundraising throughout the year so worthwhile.

Unfortunately we were not able to hold our street collection this year in
Mengham, which was the first time since 1964! It seems a long time and a
great number of collections, a staggering 55 in total. It reflects on the generosity of Hayling residents that after all these years it still provides a worthwhile fundraising event in our calendar. Despite the lack of events and income this year, some of the team still have to carry out essential jobs.
Our chairman, Bruce Mowatt, has become IT efficient in arranging our
monthly Zoom meeting and proficient in chairing them. Treasurer John Greenland still has to pull the accounts together and arrange for them to be audited. Trevor Slydell is looking after the minibus bookings plus essential maintenance, and our secretary Steve James is dealing with all  correspondence and other admin duties.

We do hope we can move forward next year and recoup some funding with
our regular events, and maybe a new one or two extras thrown in as well.
Chairman Bruce, on behalf of all club members, wishes you all a very happy new year full of hope and optimism for a healthy future.

2020 – Havant Lottery

From the Havant lottery FB page.

Every week we will share with you one of the amazing Good Causes you can choose to support when you play the Havant Borough Community Lottery.
The Hayling Island Businessmens Club was formed in 1964 by a group of local businessmen as a way of returning something worthwhile to the community, which supported their various businesses. It was thought best to support the less privileged in our society by means of various fund raising events. This is still basic philosophy and there are now two key fundraising events each year. The annual BBQ at the Northney Farm and the Cabaret night currently held at Mill Rythe Holiday Village.Helping local charities & clubs with our minibus – Helping local people with project funding.

2020 – Hayling Helpers

HAYLING Island Businessmen’s Club happy to support HAYLING helpers. We have made a donation despite having put the club into temporary closure. We appreciate what you are doing for our Community and trust this will help fulfil your aims.

2020 – Covid-19 News

HAYLING Island Businessmen’s Club are happy to support HAYLING helpers. We have made a donation despite having put the club into temporary closure. We appreciate what you are doing for our Community and trust this will help fulfil your aims.

HAYLING helpers is a Facebook based group to ask for help whilst you are self isolating because of corona virus. If you need shopping, gas or electric top up, medication or prescription collection etc.

Please ask for help don’t suffer alone Hayling Islanders will be here to support and come together during this time of need.  

See the Fecebook group using the link below for more information.
Hayling Helpers Facebook Page


2019 – BBQ Sold Out

This years BBQ event is a complete sell out again this year all 500 tickets have now gone

2018 – HVS Presentation

Hayling Island Businessmen’s Club have presented a cheque to The Hayling Volunteer Service who are based at the Health Centre to fund a new medical couch. The chair would be such an enormous help in the treatment of leg ulcers, wounds which is backbreaking work all day every day, but with the aid of proper equipment it will make life so much easier for nursing staff. The volunteer service have raised some of the funding from raffles, book sales and coffee mornings with HIBC making up the shortfall

The Volunteer Service and Practice staff were delighted with our donation and invited Malcolm Newnes our Club secretary and Club member Andy Lenaghan to their regular Tuesday open meeting to present the cheque

2016 – October News

HIBC News for Oct. 2016 – By Bruce MowattHIBC publicity

The club is sorry to disappoint our ladies, and friends, who look forward to a great night out at our annual Ladies night dinner and dance, held at the Langstone Hotel. With regret we had to cancel this time, but will keep you updated when our next event is held.                         

Members were also delighted to agree a donation of £200 to pay for items of food for Christmas hampers for home alone seniors, at their Christmas day lunch. The lunch was successfully held for home alone Islanders last Christmas, and believe that over 30 Islanders will enjoy the same festivities again this year

Last chance to buy tickets for the sixth annual running of the HIBC Pig Race Night. The piggies are trotting their way to Hayling, and will be on the starting blocks in the Community centre on Saturday 12th of November, with a capacity crowd anticipated. The event is planned as a family night out with children welcome at the reduced price of £5. Adult tickets are priced at £8 which also includes the race card. Both ticket prices include a supper. Pig sponsorships are currently still available by contacting the Club Secretary Malcolm Newnes at secretary@hibc.org.uk. Tickets for this event are available from club members, and the following outlets: – Cards for Occasions / Morris Dibben / Geoff Foot Estate Agents all based in Mengham, and Hayling Community Centre in West town.

We are always looking for ways to raise funds to support the mini bus, and other local deserving causes, so I am pleased to give you advance information of the opportunity to attend a fund raising musical evening to be held at the HIADS Station Theatre. It will be an evening with international singing star Janelle Ogley, and husband who is a former royal pianist Neil Ogley. The evening will be a tribute to the greatest song composers, and singers of all time, quite simply an evening of superb quality not to be missed. This is the first time that Neil and Janelle are in concert at the Station theatre. Neil is one of our club members and is pleased to help our club with fund raising activities. Neil and Janelle also have a supporting band of ex Royal Marine musicians which will really make the evening sparkle. Neil stated that they will be performing classic songs from composers like George Gershwin, Julie Styne, Stephen Schwartz, Freddy Mercury, Grieg, Chopin, and also pay tribute to singers such as Barbara Streisand, Celine Deon, Queen, Harry Connick Jnr, and many more. This is going to be a spectacular evening of beautiful music, which has been booked for the 8th to 11th of February 2017. Will advise additional information closer to the event.

Please remember all net proceeds from our fund raising activities go towards the running of the Island community mini-  bus, and other worthwhile local causes.

We are pleased to sponsor the Hayling Youngsters with a donation for their SEUSSICAL show.

Mengham junior school is aiming to purchase sound and lighting equipment, we are pleased to support their efforts with a donation towards the cost.

Most tickets have now been distributed for the senior citizens Pre Christmas Party to be held again courtesy of Sinah Warren hotel on Wednesday 16th November. The club arranges the party every year in conjunction with Sinah Warren and up to 300 senior citizens attend

Club members are proud that for over 50 years the club survives with a vibrant membership working tirelessly for the benefit of Hayling residents. In addition to supporting local senior citizens, and youth groups, the main aim of the club is the purchase, and running of the Island community mini-bus providing a transport lifeline for many hundreds of Islanders every year. The bus is provided free of charge (the club covering all the cost), to our users.

Why not Join our club and enjoy a friendly social life while helping the local community? Contact

2016 – Article from ‘The News’

Article courtesy of Jeff Travis @ ‘The News’ – printed February 26th 2016

It started in the 1960s as a way for local businessmen to give something back to the community.

And, 52 years on, Hayling Island Businessmen’s Club is still going strong. It’s motto is ‘Working for Hayling’ and it’s certainly done that over the years.

Dozens upon dozens of smaller charities and organisations, anything from Scout groups to children’s choirs, have been helped over the years. The pride and joy of the club is its community minibus, which has transported hundreds of children and elderly people across the area.

I join the businessmen as they gather round the table at Seacourt Tennis Club on Hayling for their fortnightly meeting and luncheon. It’s a fairly formal affair, with the chairman Brian Smith wearing a glittering red chain around his neck. The chain has the names of every single chairman of the club going to back Bob Green in 1964. Wearing the chain is not something Brian takes lightly.

‘It’s a great honour,’ says Brian, who is the officer manager at Belcher Frost in Emsworth and lives on Hayling. ‘The club has been responsible for many good things over time. ‘If you were to scan back to previous chairmen, you would see that the position is held by particularly fine gentlemen and I’m hoping I will carry on that tradition. ‘It comes with great responsibility because you feel you have to maintain that very high standard.’

The members are all suited and booted and wearing the same tie, but it’s not all ceremonial – there are plenty of laughs and jokes during the meeting. There’s a trophy for ‘Mug of the meeting’ for whoever upsets the chairman the most. Andy Lenaghan, a former driver of the minibus, says he loves ‘the camaraderie’. Andy says Hayling is ‘a unique community’ and the island’s pride had contributed to the success of the club and fostered its longevity.

John Cottle, 78, from Hayling, joined in 1975 and was made a life member five years ago. ‘It was really meant for the Hayling shopkeepers, bank managers, solicitors – all island people,’ says John, who had a plumbing and heating business for 40 years. ‘That’s how it used to be. ‘As times have gone on and family businesses have folded, the membership has been extended to people outside the island. ‘I remember when I was being interviewed for membership here, what were my reasons for joining? ‘I remember answering that I was born and bred on Hayling Island and I had got an awful lot out of Hayling Island. ‘I felt it was time to put something back. ‘I think I have achieved that and I’m very proud of that.’

The club is gearing up for its big fundraiser of the year, the barbecue at Northney Farm, held on Saturday, July 9. There are 500 tickets to sell.

John says: ‘We put a lot of work into that in the days prior to the event. ‘We start to put the whole thing together and clear up the farmyard and build everything. ‘Then we spend the Sunday clearing up. We all have to put a lot of our time in.’

After talking to the men for an hour or so, it’s clear this is a club with masses of pride that is all about old-fashioned goodwill and philanthropy. ‘Fundraising activities are our mainstay,’ adds Brian. ‘It motivates us to keep going. ‘We see a local positive result rather than large charity concerns that perhaps get a higher profile.’ And I’m pleased to confirm that no pigs are harmed during one of the charity’s other annual fundraisers – the pig racing night at the community centre. All the pigs are plastic.

Club reports over the years

Club report, February 1964

It was reported that the club had taken 26 very elderly folk to the pantomime in Portsmouth. On arriving home at Hayling Island a count revealed that we had brought back 28. The two ‘extra’ old ladies had no idea they were on the wrong coach and neither did our ‘own’ 26. The ‘extras’ were duly returned to Portsmouth, put aboard their correct coach (which was still waiting for them) and were apparently none the worse for their adventure and unexpected chat with strangers.

Club report, 
April 1964

The first luncheon meeting of the club was held at the West Town Hotel with an attendance of 21. Many members came forward with ideas, Cecil Walker offered to provide a television set for mentally handicapped children at Orchid Close. Phil Clarke offered free tickets on his merry-go-round for these same children on one or two days a week. Seven members offered themselves as drivers for the old folk’s bus, others agreed to use their own cars for hospital visiting. It was agreed 10 elderly people in need of a holiday should be sponsored on a one-week trip to Swanage.

Club report, 1967

The club went from strength to strength during its first three years. An average of £700 a year was raised by members and spent on the welfare of the needy in Hayling. A new chairman was elected by the members each year and the outgoing one presented with an engraved tankard. The first three chairmen were Bob Green, Alec Brennan and Will Venton in that order. Throughout this period the club arranged regular coach outings to beauty spots and continued to support the annual holiday of 20 needy people to the Isle of Wight.

Club report, 
February 1987

The Doug Broughton Cup for the member who did most for Hayling Island Businessmen’s Club in 1986 was awarded to Pat Keane. The cup was awarded at the club’s 23rd annual meeting held at the Buccaneer’s Tavern. There were several nominations for the Wooden Spoon Award for the ‘biggest stirrer’ of 1986 and a ballot resulted in Ray Silvester as the winner. He received the award with good grace and said he hoped to retain it for another year!

Club highlights

  • The club organises the senior citizens’ Christmas party at Sinah Warren on Hayling.
  • The club buys and distributes theatre tickets for senior citizens in conjunction with Hayling Island Dramatic Society.
  • It sponsors the Geoff Foot Sportsperson of the year award at Hayling College.
  • The club runs the island’s community bus, which costs £700 a month.
  • It sponsors the Wally Egan achiever of the year award at Hayling College
  • It supports local schools and youth organisations with donations.
  • Numerous charitable grants are given to worthwhile causes and organisations on the island.

For more information visit hibc.org.uk.

To enquire about booking the minibus contact Trevor Slydell at minibus@hibc.org.uk.

For information about tickets to the Northney Barbecue e-mail us at tickets@hibc.org.uk.