2020 – May Report

Hayling Island Businessmen’s Club Report. May 20

I did think last month would be the last Club report for a while but decided it may be sensible to try and keep communications flowing. Lyn and I are into our fourth week of lockdown following the breakout of COVID19 and despite the odd bit of stretched nerves we are managing fairly well with just the two of us in the house. I have only been out once to collect a shopping order, as we have managed with the help received from family, fantastic neighbours and friends in keeping our fridges topped up. We have not had to call on the various groups for help yet, but do appreciate the help that is available out there. I am sure one day we will need.

The club is so sorry to not be meeting but, firstly the venues are closed where we met and secondly we are nearly all in the vulnerable group when it comes to ages.

One of our Members Steve James the Club Secretary has joined the Hayling Helpers and doing a great job when called upon to do so. Steve is fairly new to the Island but he and his wife Lin have settled into the Hayling way of life so well, Steve joining the Businessmen’s Club and both now joined the Hayling Helpers. We really could do with more members in his mould and age group for the future of the club when we do get restarted. A wife of a club member has lost an elderly sister to the virus, but as far as I can ascertain that is the only casualty to date with a club connection.

Talking of the Hayling Helpers, the club were delighted to make them our last donations as we entered lockdown. What a great setup in such a short time helping our fellow Islanders. Please remember these groups are there to help you, this is why they all offered to help. They do not want you taking risks for a pint of milk, or collecting a prescription, ask for help, don’t be embarrassed if you are in the vulnerable groups. PLEASE STAY AT HOME and request help. The Community centre is the HUB with a good stock of emergency supplies. Who knows you may even get to meet one of Portsmouth FC’s star players supporting the boxing club. I believe they are all working as a team including the Hayling Volunteer Services who are into delivering meals for you on a daily basis. If you search on Facebook you can also donate to help fund these amazing people.

We still have the club’s mini bus locked away in the garage not being used, which seems a shame with all the hard work going on in the voluntary sector, but who knows following a further review of the lockdown next month, we may be able to reconsider our options.

Most of our club meetings from now would be taken up organising our BBQ in July, so it seems strange for the first time since 1989 it is not a part of my life. I just hope club members enjoy the rest and come back next year full of enthusiasm to have a real humdinger. The public I know will miss it in July going by the sell outs over the last few years.

Good luck everyone, just take care.