2020 – March Report

Hayling Island Businessmen’s Club: Gentlemen Your Island Needs You!!

As many of you know we are a small Club historically made up of local Businessmen since 1964. In more recent years we have expanded on that and most of our members are now men who wish to give a few hours per month to help the Community in which they live. Our aim is to raise funds by way of a few events every year, which to date we have been very successful at.

We not only purchase a Mini Bus for local good causes to use as and when it is available, we are able to make small donations to help others out as well. Examples are the Christmas Dinner held every year for those who are alone, the Holiday lunch Club and the concert for senior residents which we hold at Sinah Warren.

Can you spare some time to mix socially with others by enjoying a light lunch at Seacourt Tennis Club once every two weeks? We meet to discuss various fund raising activity and how to spend the money raised. It is mostly a pleasure with the hardest task being our annual BBQ at Northney Farm, but do believe me when I say, we all enjoy it.

Can you spare those few hours a month to help us out and share the camaraderie that exists, plus carry on with our success to ensure our ambitions are achieved?

We have a member who is responsible for recruiting and he is waiting to invite you to lunch, on us to find out more about the club. Please contact Ray Jones who many of you will know on 02392 467374 to arrange.

A future date for our senior citizens to put in their diaries is the 11th November for our concert at Sinah Warren. Please help by ensuring you get the tickets you need, but returning unused ones for others to use.

Thank you for reading this report, please feel free to browse either our Facebook page or our website.



Both links have a great deal more information for you regarding our history and our aims.