2020 – July Report

Following on from last month, I have had a number of comments as to how interesting readers of the Herald found the article about the history of the club and one prominent member. I thought I would for this month give a further insight into events of the past, rather than the personnel involved.

In March 1964 we did have a thriving Chamber of Trade in which a number of our founder members were active. It was suggested they formed a club of their own. They didn’t hang around, by April the Club was formed with Bob Green of the West Town Hotel the first Chairman. Members were very generous with early projects, with Cecil Walker providing a TV for Orchard Close. Several members were volunteer drivers and would drive the Mini Bus, although some would drive their own cars and take people on hospital appointments, a job done so well now by Hayling Volunteer Services.

In September 1964 the Club took 15 senior citizens on holiday for a week to Swanage. There were volunteer drivers, helpers and I am sure many of you will recall Dr Brenan, who went along as Doctor in charge.

In October 1964 it was agreed that the club would do its best to ensure no elderly or infirm residents went cold during the winter. We were very successful and provided heat for many homes. During December of our first year we offered a Chiropody service to our elderly at a cost of two shillings and sixpence per person (12.5p) It was estimated that 10 persons per week attended. We did purchase a screen to give privacy when removing stockings.

One of the best stories relating to the club is when a coach was laid on to take 26 elderly folk to the Pantomime in Portsmouth. Upon returning to Hayling it was found that we had 28, with two being oblivious to being on the wrong coach. Nobody had checked upon leaving Portsmouth!! Needless to say they were promptly returned with their correct coach still waiting for them.

The Club for 10 years sponsored a Berth for a young Hayling person on the “Winston Churchill” a sail training schooner at a cost of £200 per year. We were the smallest group to ever do this, but the ever increasing costs made it unaffordable. The same applied to the Swanage holiday scheme unfortunately.

I hope you realise from this, the camaraderie that exists within the club and why most of our members serve for a number of years. We certainly hope to be back soon, and if you have an interest, even if you are not a businessman in serving the community, please visit our website or Facebook page.