2020 – December – Sad News

We as a club are all devastated at the news one of our longer serving members Roy Winsor passed away yesterday on the 16th December. Roy was a great guy to have around in the club, always a hard worker at our annual BBQ at Northney Farm, plus a great supporter of the ethos of the club. This BBQ was always followed by a celebration party at his house where all helpers and family were invited. Many of you will know Roy had a home with access to the creek, so the event was always arranged when the tides were high to allow him to treat every person who wanted to go to a boat trip round the sailing club. Canoes and windsurfers were always to hand for those who wanted a go. Roy loved his garden games and always had something different for us to play.
Roy joined the Businessmen’s club in 1989 which shows how much he enjoyed being a member. He was Chairman in 1994. Roy loved life even after he lost his sight in the later years, and led by example. He loved the sea and was a skilled sailor, he also had a love of flying. I do believe he was also a very skilled carpenter probably in the marine industry! We will miss him dearly at our meetings and events and send our condolences to his wife Christine and his extended family. Please look out for the funeral details which are not available at this time.
The picture is one of Roy when going on a recent flight.

In happier news, you may recall last month I mentioned about the minibus
being brought out of lockdown to be used by Mill Rythe Infant School. It was great to see the bus being put to use by a local school on a regular basis, as it is predominantly used by our more senior citizens.

It was even lovelier to receive a letter, with photographs, from the school showing how much the children enjoy and learn from their regular trips to
the beach on Hayling. These lessons are known as Beach School. The letter said: ‘I work with Beach School at Mill Rythe Infant School and am so very thankful for the minibus you offer us.
‘The minibus enables us to take children on a regular basis to experience all
that our local beach has to offer. ‘By going to the beach, the children are developing their resilience in a number of ways and are learning about our fabulous environment. ‘We go out in all weathers and very often need our coats and hats – especially at this time of year.

We engage in various activities and the minibusride is one of great excitement in itself. Thank you for supporting us.’ When the minibus use gives so much pleasure it makes the hard work of fundraising throughout the year so worthwhile.

Unfortunately we were not able to hold our street collection this year in
Mengham, which was the first time since 1964! It seems a long time and a
great number of collections, a staggering 55 in total. It reflects on the generosity of Hayling residents that after all these years it still provides a worthwhile fundraising event in our calendar. Despite the lack of events and income this year, some of the team still have to carry out essential jobs.
Our chairman, Bruce Mowatt, has become IT efficient in arranging our
monthly Zoom meeting and proficient in chairing them. Treasurer John Greenland still has to pull the accounts together and arrange for them to be audited. Trevor Slydell is looking after the minibus bookings plus essential maintenance, and our secretary Steve James is dealing with all  correspondence and other admin duties.

We do hope we can move forward next year and recoup some funding with
our regular events, and maybe a new one or two extras thrown in as well.
Chairman Bruce, on behalf of all club members, wishes you all a very happy new year full of hope and optimism for a healthy future.