2020 – December Report

It seems a long time ago we had a non- virtual meeting, but Zoom has provided many of us a way of staying in touch with our friends and colleagues. We have held regular meetings by this means this year, but fear it will probably be at least another 2 to 4 months before we can all meet in person again. So much is depending on the success of the many vaccines being worked upon. I thought before the year end I would update our many followers as to what we have been able to do despite of all this going on around us.
We have always laid a wreath on Remembrance Sunday at the cenotaph and were pleased to have one laid upon our behalf this year due again to lockdown.
We were delighted to be able to support the Hayling Community Centre In sponsoring one of the overheads that would have been incurred had the Virtual Concert been able to go ahead. Unfortunately the current lockdown put paid to this, but the offer of sponsorship is still there for when it does go ahead.
Two events we do hope will be able to go ahead next year are the Annual BBQ and the Pig Racing evening. We need to wait awhile yet before we can confirm as we have to ensure the venues are available and we are free of any restrictions. So much is hinging on our scientists etc. We do hope to give plenty of notice as the pigs do need to get into training!!
We are delighted that the Bus, which is our main charity is out and about again, mainly being used by Mengham Infant School to take children out and about on various projects. If your Charity or good cause is in need of transport, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
On the subject of Mini Buses, we are delighted that Hayling Voluntary Services, now known as JT’S Community Services have their Mini Bus on the road which we helped sponsor and carries our logo on the vehicle. We were delighted to help such a worthwhile cause.
Whilst It’s not a great time for any of us we are pleased our members have generally managed to avoid Coronavirus. But, on a worrying note we have five members either awaiting hospital treatment or in hospital being treated. It’s a worry the problems being caused in society by delayed operations, reluctance to go to hospital or just not visiting or talking to your GP.
Thank you every one for your support this year and we do hope to be back in operation next year, but in the meantime from the Chairman and members of Hayling Island Businessmen’s Club a very Happy Christmas and New Year. Please contact our secretary for any info: Stephen James Tel : 07957 872307 E-Mail : secretary@hibc.org.uk