2020 – April Report

Hayling Island Businessmen’s Club:

Sadly in line with many other charities, this will be my last report for a while unless some news worthy items surface. Because of the Corona Virus we have had to close down our Club until such time this all passes over. This is no different from most other organisations on the Island. The average age of members and the volunteer drivers, plus the age of the users of the bus it is impossible to protect everyone. One user of the bus being infected would have really been problematical for everyone as the Bus is confined for space. Also our users, such as Age Concern and the venues we were taking them to have closed, so it is a no win situation until better days are here. I am sure everyone understands the stance we and all the other charities have taken.

The above obviously means that our fund raising events such as the much awaited BBQ is cancelled this year, as is what was to have been our first Super Quiz fund raising night in June. Maybe, just maybe, our Pig Racing night may get the go ahead in November. It would be wonderful if it can.

Like all charities we will be returning I trust, but with a huge hole in our finances which will not be easy to replace, so please consider supporting our events when we are able to start. If you are a supporter of the club and our aims, you can also donate through our Facebook page should you wish to help ensure we are up and running when we are cleared to do so.

Best of luck to all the charities we support as I know some are keeping going, such as the great work the Hayling Volunteer service do at the Health Centre and the Community Centre trying to keep a venue open, albeit with restrictions. I am sure there are many others, but a special thanks to the Hayling Helpers who managed to form and organise into a Task Force in such a short time. I know along with all the others, Hayling will remain strong.