2018 – November Report

HIBC report for November 2018 Bruce Mowatt (Publicity Officer)

A fantastic Pantomime (Oh yes it was)

Once again, the HIBC senior citizens Christmas Party and pantomime was held at Sinah Warren hotel. 300 Senior Citizen party goers were welcomed by club members at the entrance to the theatre, our party goers quickly seated themselves in the theatre to allow the Hotels entertainment team to commence the proceedings. The pantomime this year was ‘Puss in Boots’ and all guests were joining in and enjoying the show. The consensus after the show was the best Pantomime to date. After the pantomime the Hotel staff efficiently served refreshments and cake to our guests. Traditionally the afternoon finished with everyone joining in the 12 days of Christmas, all were in good voice with entertaining actions, prompted by the entertainment team. The club members thank the management, and staff for allowing the party at the Sinah Warren Hotel in their recently updated theatre. Note: – Every year all tickets for the Christmas party are suppled free to our party goers. The club takes satisfaction that it is helping the senior citizens of the island to enjoy an entertaining afternoon with friends.

A few days after the Christmas party our annual Pig racing night was held at the Community centre. This is a fund-raising event with the proceeds helping towards the island Community bus, and other local worthwhile causes. This year over 100 tickets were sold, and all tickets holders had a tasty supper during the pig racing. Watching the piggies race each other is very entertaining because you are never sure that they will reach the finishing line, before knocking into each other, or even falling over. I should mention that the pigs are battery powered and are auctioned at the end of the evening. Betting on each pig, and sponsoring pigs is welcomed, it is possible to go home with more loose change in your pocket that you started with. I am sorry to say that this is the last time that our Secretary Malcom Newnes will manage this popular event.

Do not forget to book your table for our Christmas party at Sinah Warren hotel on the 21st December, see our advert in this paper.

The club has also distributed 80 free tickets for ‘Goldilocks and the 3 Bears’ Pantomime held at the HIADS theatre, in January 2019, again to benefit the elderly on the island.