2013 – AGM Report


Report by John Cushion

The Annual General Meeting of Hayling Island Businessmen’s Club was held at Seacourt on Tuesday 8th January attended by 22 members where members heard an overview of the year and elected a new Chairman, local garage owner, Pat Keane.

In his review of 12 months in office, outgoing Chairman, Ed Spencer reported an extremely successful year for the Club particularly in fund raising with some fine efforts at the annual Barbeque and Pig Race Night along with unexpected donations from Sinah Warren and Geoff Foots. The Club has also been able to forge a positive relationship with the Lions including generous support from them for the cost running the Mini Bus. In return the Club had provided help in the staffing of the Community Shop for which he thanked the member’s wives concerned. Among his numerous other engagements as Chairman, Ed enjoyed attending Hayling College in July where he presented the Wally Egan Award and was also able to give the students a brief resume of Wally’s career and an understanding of the aims of the Businessmen’s Club. In summing up, Ed expressed his thanks for the excellent support he had received from the Officers and Members of the Club which had .helped to make his year in office most enjoyable

Although the main aim of the Club is to purchase, maintain and run the Hayling Island Community Bus, many other worthwhile causes were supported during 2012 with a number of monetary awards being made to numerous local organizations.  In addition, the Club made its normal donations to the Hayling Island Dramatic and also announced a new annual Sportsperson of the Year award for Hayling College. The Christmas party at Sinah Warren was again a great success and was enjoyed by nearly 250 local senior citizens. Club members were in attendance to meet and greet the guests and generally ensure the success of the afternoon. However, many thanks must go to the management, staff and entertainment team at Sinah Warren for their wonderful generosity without which the event would be difficult to stage.

Following the committee reports, Ed Spencer handed over his chain of office to the incoming Chairman Pat Keane.  Born in 1950, in Denmead where he attended school, Pat started his career as an apprentice mechanic at the Southdown Bus Depot. Having married his wife Diana in 1974, his association with Hayling Island started in 1977 when he started his own business, Hayden Garage in West Town. Pat joined the Businessmen’s Club in 1982 and held several offices before becoming Chairman for the first time in 1988. His interest in the Club has continued to flourish since those early days and he is now looking forward to another year at the helm.

In his opening address to members, Pat stressed the importance of continuing to raise the Club profile during the year to ensure that it continues to hold its rightful place in the Island community. Pat reminded members of the Club’s origins and ideals dating back to its foundation in 1964 when a group of businessmen from a wide range of professions living on the Island recognized that there was a need to help residents in less fortunate circumstances than themselves. The simple but humble beginnings set the Club aside from organizations having national or international connections and was thus able to direct all its energies to solely serving Island residents. From that inaugural meeting nearly 50 years ago a standard was set and a determined drive instigated to raise funds for the charitable needs of others which proudly continues to this day.

Before closing the meeting, members elected Malcolm Newnes as their Highest Achiever of the Year for 2012 and he was presented with the Doug Broughton Cup by Chairman Pat Keane for his outstanding services to the Club. Malcolm has held various offices in the Club over the years including secretary in 2012 and Chairman in 2011.

Club members now look forward to the challenges which 2013 will bring. Several new events are planned including the Syd Lawrence Wine, Dine and Dance evening on Sunday 24th March at Mill Rythe Holiday Village together with the continuation of the old favorites including the Annual Barbeque. A great deal of hard work is envisaged but with the help and generosity of the Island community and businesses a very successful year is in prospect.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the Club or with an interest in joining is welcome to contact recruitment officer Aksel Arneke at recruitment@hibc.org.uk