2019 – July Report

April Report by Andy Lenaghan

It’s a sad day, starting on what will be our final report for the Hayling Islander. The Islander has always been a great supporter of local charities and organisations that support the Community. None more so than Hayling Island Businessmens’ Club, who have benefitted over the years from publicity for our fund raising events, without which possibly it would have been much harder raising the funds to keep our Community Mini Bus on the road. Our Bus is on the road seven days per week and is supplied free of charge to users, subject to being a Community group. We will all miss the Islander, not just for the support but the monthly read about everything that is happening on our Island.

By the time you read this it will be border line if it is before or after our annual BBQ, our main fundraising event. This year already it is a total sell out with people scrambling for tickets which are just not available, so just remember, buy early next year and believe us when we say they are selling fast, it’s not a marketing gimmick!! As we will be unable to report after the BBQ, we would like to thank Northney Farm for the continued support from them in allowing us to hold this event there every year. It is not without some inconvenience they allow it, as a great deal of equipment has to be moved and the barn cleared, so all round it is a fantastic and willing gesture from them. We would also like to thank all the local businesses that support us with the donation of raffle prizes, discounts on supplies and additional manpower we need for the event.

One of our other popular events is the Pig Racing, which this year is being held at the Community centre again and it is on the 9th November. All our events will be on our website or our Facebook page, so please follow us there. We will hopefully be given some editorial by the Portsmouth News to publicise our events, as well as advertising with them from time to time.

Our thanks go to Hayling Hardware for allowing us to hold a collection toward our running expenses. On a not so warm Saturday with the odd shower thrown in we managed to raise £169. Thanks also to our residents, who were so generous and supportive of our aims. It amazed us how many people expressed their thanks for the Bus during the course of our collection. Most of these were the elderly being regular users who would not be able to get to the various luncheon clubs, but for the Bus and the volunteer drivers.

Lastly, thanks to Simon Carter the editor of the Islander for his support during his time at the helm. Simon took time to visit the club, researched our history and gave us a recent wonderful editorial to help increase our profile within the Community. https://www.facebook.com/hibc.org.uk/ http://www.hibc.org.uk/

Contact us if you wish to know more about HIBC or wish to join as a local Businessman, Manager or maybe an enthusiast who has something to offer the club. E-Mail : secretary@hibc.org.uk

2019 – April Report

Lyn Green of HVS with the new Podiatrists Couch.

April Report by Andy Lenaghan

Hayling Island Businessmen’s club earlier this year purchased a new Podiatrists couch for the Health Centre. They have now taken delivery of the couch and Lyn Green of the Hayling Volunteer Services was eager to show how it will be put into use on a regular basis, although in reality she may have to remove her boots. Lin who helped with the fund raising thanked the club for their generosity in giving so generously.The club has attracted two new members in the past month and is proud it is keeping up its tradition of appealing to local men who are eager to help the community. Our main aim is to raise sufficient funds to keep the mini bus running but we also donate to other causes any surplus funds. If this appeals to you please contact us through our Facebook page or HIBC.org.uk

Booking a Queen tribute for our annual BBQ has proven to be a master stroke by our fundraising Chairman and tickets are selling exceptionally fast, so please, if you wish to secure a ticket, contact a member of the club or one of the outlets listed on our website or FB page. Remember the date is the 6th July at Northney Farm and the ticket price of £18 includes food. A great night is guaranteed, rather than hoped for, so don’t miss out.

For the past few years we have had a sponsor for our mini bus which covered the insurance costs, this has now ceased so we are seeking a new sponsor. This is a good way to advertise, as the bus is on the road on a frequent basis. If this method of advertising appeals to your company or organisation please contact us.

If you have any comments or wish to know more about the club please email the secretary@hibc.org.uk

Regards and thanks for your continued support and for reading this report

2019 – March Report


At a recent meeting Hayling Island Businessmen’s Club they agreed to donate £100 to the Hayling COPP Heroes memorial fund to support the D Day 75 event on the 6th June. In addition to this £125 has been approved for the Army Cadets toward new equipment and £300 toward the newly formed Hayling Boxing academy.

The club are also looking forward to guest speaker Alan Priddy attending a lunch in April, he will be updating the club on his Team Britannia adventure. This is an exciting time with the team expecting soon to be ready to circumnavigate the globe for the much coveted UIM world record. This record is currently held by New Zealander Pete Bethune at 60 days 23 hours and 49 minutes.

The Club are also delighted to be supporting the HI5 event which is to be held at the Hayling College on the 27th April. Please look out for our stand and come along and have a chat, we will be able to tell you more about the club and our forthcoming events. This promises to be a fabulous event for the community offering support to all our schools, so please do try and come along.

2019 – February Report

February Report – Andy Lenaghan

The Hayling Island Businessmen’s Club held its AGM in January, at which outgoing Chairman Peter Blake thanked all members for the support over the past year. He stated it had been a successful year, especially for the funding raised and how it had been distributed to local good causes, as well as keeping the Community Mini Bus in use seven days per week for local groups and charities to use. He left the club in a good position, with new members joining so he was delighted to hand the role of Chairman over to Marcus Foot. Marcus has been a member for some years and is looking forward to his year in the Chair, having had several roles within the club. Many of our members were at the Club in 1989 when Marcus’s Father Geoff was Chairman. Geoff sadly died some years after this but is still fondly remembered by all of us. The older members all recall Marcus as a young lad coming along with his dad and helping at our annual BBQ at Northney Farm, however Marcus, now dwarf’s nearly all of us at the club.

The Club put on a very successful Christmas Party at Sinah Warren with over 200 tickets being sold. It was a wonderful event to celebrate Christmas and particularly good to see so many local firms attend. A great time was had by all, so a great big thankyou to the Management, staff and entertainers at Sinah for hosting the evening.

On Friday the 21st December the club held its annual street collection in Mengham at which a very healthy £349 was raised. All monies raised with no expenses deducted will be distributed to local good causes or to support the running of the Community Mini Bus.

On a sad note our Secretary Malcolm Newnes has had to retire from the club for personal reasons. Malcolm has been a willing volunteer since joining the Club in 2008 having found his niche in the role of secretary at which he excelled. I think though, most of you reading this will remember Malcolm as the Race Marshall at our very successful pig racing nights each year. We all sincerely wish him the best of luck for the future.

I look forward to keeping you up to date with club happenings over the next year and sincerely hope to see many of you at our fund raising events. You can keep in touch by visiting our Facebook page or our website HIBC.org.uk

Andy Lenaghan

Publicity HIBC

2018 – December Report

HIBC report for December 2018 – Bruce Mowatt (Publicity Officer)

The club members met the shoppers at the new Lidl stores on Hayling while collecting outside the store for club funds. We had on display the community bus and our club banners. This event proved successful, with many shoppers giving willingly, and recognising the good work for the Island community carried out by the club. The total collected was £254.90.

Our next collection for club funds is in Mengham on Friday 21st December again look out for the Community bus and listen for festive music. If you see us and can contribute to the collection, we will be very appreciative, and you can be sure that every penny donated goes towards worthwhile causes on the Island.

The club would like to thank you all for the generous support it receives from local businesses and stores around the Island for the past year, which enables us to arrange events such as the annual BBQ and Pig racing, and donate to worthwhile causes

The club’s final luncheon of 2018 is on the 20th December, and we anticipate that all members will be in attendance, to welcome our guest local MP Alan Mac. We will be treated to a secret Santa, who will enable members to exchange gifts (they have purchased to a minimum of £5) with other club members, not knowing which of the wrapped gifts they will receive in return. Our fortnightly Luncheon meetings although working to the meeting agenda, are relaxed, and allow for friendly banter between members.

The 80 tickets provided by the club free for the senior citizens on the Island to attend the pantomime performance of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears at the HIDS theatre on Monday 14th January have been distributed.

I am pleased to report that the club has donated to many worthy causes this year and the latest are: – the ‘Happy Feet and Toddler group’- the group under Lindsey Wilson conducts a weekly session on Thursday mornings at Hayling Island Community Centre for toddlers/babies of local parents/carers to meet and have fun in a controlled environment, also towards a Christmas party for deprived children, also the Hayling First Responders towards their essential services.

Club member Dave Stanway was delighted to announce that he has serviced 2 laptops with a further 2 to repair for use by the ‘Job Club’ who meet at the HICCA.

The name of the club can be a little misleading and it is not necessary to be a Businessman to join! Any gentleman who has the time and the interest to be part of a club with the Ethos of helping the less fortunate can apply for membership. In addition to aiding this worthwhile cause through the planning and arranging of events, there are several social gatherings throughout the year, for members, partners and guests, the combination of these events enables members to build close relationships and find friends for life.

Contact the Recruiting officer at – recruitment@hibc.org.uk for more details

2018 – November Report

HIBC report for November 2018 Bruce Mowatt (Publicity Officer)

A fantastic Pantomime (Oh yes it was)

Once again, the HIBC senior citizens Christmas Party and pantomime was held at Sinah Warren hotel. 300 Senior Citizen party goers were welcomed by club members at the entrance to the theatre, our party goers quickly seated themselves in the theatre to allow the Hotels entertainment team to commence the proceedings. The pantomime this year was ‘Puss in Boots’ and all guests were joining in and enjoying the show. The consensus after the show was the best Pantomime to date. After the pantomime the Hotel staff efficiently served refreshments and cake to our guests. Traditionally the afternoon finished with everyone joining in the 12 days of Christmas, all were in good voice with entertaining actions, prompted by the entertainment team. The club members thank the management, and staff for allowing the party at the Sinah Warren Hotel in their recently updated theatre. Note: – Every year all tickets for the Christmas party are suppled free to our party goers. The club takes satisfaction that it is helping the senior citizens of the island to enjoy an entertaining afternoon with friends.

A few days after the Christmas party our annual Pig racing night was held at the Community centre. This is a fund-raising event with the proceeds helping towards the island Community bus, and other local worthwhile causes. This year over 100 tickets were sold, and all tickets holders had a tasty supper during the pig racing. Watching the piggies race each other is very entertaining because you are never sure that they will reach the finishing line, before knocking into each other, or even falling over. I should mention that the pigs are battery powered and are auctioned at the end of the evening. Betting on each pig, and sponsoring pigs is welcomed, it is possible to go home with more loose change in your pocket that you started with. I am sorry to say that this is the last time that our Secretary Malcom Newnes will manage this popular event.

Do not forget to book your table for our Christmas party at Sinah Warren hotel on the 21st December, see our advert in this paper.

The club has also distributed 80 free tickets for ‘Goldilocks and the 3 Bears’ Pantomime held at the HIADS theatre, in January 2019, again to benefit the elderly on the island.

2018 – September Report

HIBC Report for September 2018 – By Bruce Mowatt HIBC Publicity

Arrangements for the Pig race night to be held on the 17th November at the Community Centre are well underway. The evening will enable the little ‘piggies’ to compete in 7 races each one striving to be the race champion. Over the years it has proven to be a popular fun night with tickets at £9 for adults and £5 for children under 12 years of age. The admission price includes a race card and supper. The club is looking for businesses or individuals to sponsor a pig.

The club is holding the Ladies night at the Langstone Hotel on the 3rd November tickets are priced at £35 to include sit down meal and entertainment, also the club has provided 80 tickets to allow Senior Citizens to attend the next production called the ‘Ghost Train, at the HIADs theatre, held from 20th until 27th Oct.

The members were pleased to assist the Community centre with a donation of £1000 towards their request to build a new Reception and office at the centre, also £200 each to the Hayling scouts and First responders for their assistance with the 2018 BBQ.

The Health centre Voluntary service are trying to raise the cost of a new special purpose Podiatry chair, the members agreed that we should provide the remaining £785 to meet the full cost of the chair. The NHS do not have the funding locally.

Tickets for the Christmas party at Sinah Warren Hotel held on the 21st December are selling and suggest that if you want a festive start to your Christmas then this is the event for you, and your friends to attend.

2018 – August Report

HIBC Report for August – Bruce Mowatt HIBC Publicity

The club members work together to ensure that we maintain enough funds to continue donations to local good causes and operating the Community Mini-bus which is provided without cost to the bus users. We receive income from our organised annual events, including the BBQ, Pig racing, street collections etc. The club funds also benefit from donations received from local organisations. I am pleased to declare a donation of £3500 was gratefully received from the Lions to contribute to the community bus project.

Representative club members were invited to the Hayling College to present the HIBC annual awards to the worthy winners of the Sports person of the year and for male and female Drama.

Our next major event is the popular Pig racing held at the Community centre this is on Saturday 17th November 2018. Please ensure you note the event in your diary, and it is a good fun evening.

With the dust finally settling on this year’s BBQ our club treasurer reported an overall increase to the club funds of more than £4000. Please rest assured that your support is greatly appreciated, and every penny raised, contributes to the Community bus project, and other worthwhile local causes.

Use of the Community bus continues to be in high demand on week days, but normally there is some availability at weekends. Local organisations are welcome to contact Trevor Slydell at minibus@hibc.org.uk for more details. Please remember that use of the bus is offered completely free of any charge. You must provide you own driver who needs to be no more than 70 years of age.

2018 – July Report

HIBC report for July 2018 – Bruce Mowatt (Publicity officer)

What a great night we all had at the HIBC annual BBQ held at Northney farm by the kind permission of Stan and Mary Pike. The 400 plus ticket holders enjoyed hot beef, chicken, sausages and burgers with plenty of rolls and fruit, with the option of buying the farms famous ice cream made from their own cow’s milk. The evening started with a disco, and then the Diamond band soon had the audience up on their feet dancing the night away. The theme of the evening was from the musical Grease, but the band versatility was evident when they played music from the fifties onwards. With drinks priced at sensible prices and plenty of bar staff, queues at the bars were kept to a minimum. Planning for the 2019 BBQ begins soon after the close of the 2018 BBQ with a meeting to discuss lessons learned and improvements for the next BBQ. I can announce the Headline act for 2019 will be a Queen tribute act. This act proved very popular with the audience at their recent show at the HIADS theatre.

Setting up the BBQ is a major effort for the club membership and willing helpers, this means that we change a working farm to a night club venue with enough seats and tables to enable the ticket holding guests to sit and enjoy the evening. The bars, toilets, stage, lighting, BBQ’s, signage, food, Charcoal, and cooking utensils are all part of the set up. Of coarse we must not forget the DJ and Headline act. The membership agrees that when the evening is in full swing and everyone is enjoying themselves, it makes all the planning and preparation worthwhile knowing that all profits earned from the evening will go to help HIBC to continue funding the Hayling Island Community Minibus, and other local worthwhile causes. The club’s Summer draw 2018 the prize winners were selected at random during the evening and any winners not at the BBQ will be notified by phone or mail. We have been helping the Hayling Community for over 50 years.

On the morning after the event the club members, and volunteers attend early morning at the farm to pack everything away into our container ready for our next BBQ function in 2019.

2018 – June Report

HIBC Report for June – Bruce Mowatt

The annual Hayling Barbeque held on the 14th July at Northney Farm will soon be with us, so if you have not purchased your entrance tickets for this great event, then I urge you to buy them while still available. Ticket price is still only £17, this includes all you can eat barbeque food, with competitive priced beer, soft drinks, and wine bar. A Grease tribute band, and disco will ensure your evening entertainment is well catered for. In the event of inclement weather, the main barn is available, thanks to kind permission from farm owners Stan, and Mary Pike, who once again allow the BBQ to be held at Northey Farm.

Tickets for the HIBC grand summer draw are still available to purchase at £5 per book of 5 tickets, or single tickets at £1 each. There are 12 great prizes with a total value of around £1500. Note all prizes are as indicated -no cash alternative.

The prizes are: – Luxury overnight break for two at the Langstone hotel with dinner, wine and breakfast / Warner Hotels holiday voucher value £200 / Sunday Lunch for 12 persons at the Sinah Warren Hotel / Android Tablet PC 32 GB / Echo Spot (Alexa) / Bosch Tassimo Coffee Machine / Case of Rioja Gran Reserva wine / 1 Litre of Whisky / 1 Litre of Vodka / ½ Bottle of Gin / Bottle of white Port / Bottle of Valpolicella Wine.

Raffle tickets are available from club members, or on the night at the BBQ. The draw takes place during the evening of the BBQ. Prizes can be claimed on the night with production of the winning ticket, all other prizes winners who are not at the BBQ will be notified by phone after the event, a list of prize winners will be published on our web page.

All proceeds from the above events, and activities is used towards the running costs of the Hayling Island Community bus, and other deserving local causes