2020 – December – Sad News

We as a club are all devastated at the news one of our longer serving members Roy Winsor passed away yesterday on the 16th December. Roy was a great guy to have around in the club, always a hard worker at our annual BBQ at Northney Farm, plus a great supporter of the ethos of the club. This BBQ was always followed by a celebration party at his house where all helpers and family were invited. Many of you will know Roy had a home with access to the creek, so the event was always arranged when the tides were high to allow him to treat every person who wanted to go to a boat trip round the sailing club. Canoes and windsurfers were always to hand for those who wanted a go. Roy loved his garden games and always had something different for us to play.
Roy joined the Businessmen’s club in 1989 which shows how much he enjoyed being a member. He was Chairman in 1994. Roy loved life even after he lost his sight in the later years, and led by example. He loved the sea and was a skilled sailor, he also had a love of flying. I do believe he was also a very skilled carpenter probably in the marine industry! We will miss him dearly at our meetings and events and send our condolences to his wife Christine and his extended family. Please look out for the funeral details which are not available at this time.
The picture is one of Roy when going on a recent flight.

In happier news, you may recall last month I mentioned about the minibus
being brought out of lockdown to be used by Mill Rythe Infant School. It was great to see the bus being put to use by a local school on a regular basis, as it is predominantly used by our more senior citizens.

It was even lovelier to receive a letter, with photographs, from the school showing how much the children enjoy and learn from their regular trips to
the beach on Hayling. These lessons are known as Beach School. The letter said: ‘I work with Beach School at Mill Rythe Infant School and am so very thankful for the minibus you offer us.
‘The minibus enables us to take children on a regular basis to experience all
that our local beach has to offer. ‘By going to the beach, the children are developing their resilience in a number of ways and are learning about our fabulous environment. ‘We go out in all weathers and very often need our coats and hats – especially at this time of year.

We engage in various activities and the minibusride is one of great excitement in itself. Thank you for supporting us.’ When the minibus use gives so much pleasure it makes the hard work of fundraising throughout the year so worthwhile.

Unfortunately we were not able to hold our street collection this year in
Mengham, which was the first time since 1964! It seems a long time and a
great number of collections, a staggering 55 in total. It reflects on the generosity of Hayling residents that after all these years it still provides a worthwhile fundraising event in our calendar. Despite the lack of events and income this year, some of the team still have to carry out essential jobs.
Our chairman, Bruce Mowatt, has become IT efficient in arranging our
monthly Zoom meeting and proficient in chairing them. Treasurer John Greenland still has to pull the accounts together and arrange for them to be audited. Trevor Slydell is looking after the minibus bookings plus essential maintenance, and our secretary Steve James is dealing with all  correspondence and other admin duties.

We do hope we can move forward next year and recoup some funding with
our regular events, and maybe a new one or two extras thrown in as well.
Chairman Bruce, on behalf of all club members, wishes you all a very happy new year full of hope and optimism for a healthy future.

2020 – December Report

It seems a long time ago we had a non- virtual meeting, but Zoom has provided many of us a way of staying in touch with our friends and colleagues. We have held regular meetings by this means this year, but fear it will probably be at least another 2 to 4 months before we can all meet in person again. So much is depending on the success of the many vaccines being worked upon. I thought before the year end I would update our many followers as to what we have been able to do despite of all this going on around us.
We have always laid a wreath on Remembrance Sunday at the cenotaph and were pleased to have one laid upon our behalf this year due again to lockdown.
We were delighted to be able to support the Hayling Community Centre In sponsoring one of the overheads that would have been incurred had the Virtual Concert been able to go ahead. Unfortunately the current lockdown put paid to this, but the offer of sponsorship is still there for when it does go ahead.
Two events we do hope will be able to go ahead next year are the Annual BBQ and the Pig Racing evening. We need to wait awhile yet before we can confirm as we have to ensure the venues are available and we are free of any restrictions. So much is hinging on our scientists etc. We do hope to give plenty of notice as the pigs do need to get into training!!
We are delighted that the Bus, which is our main charity is out and about again, mainly being used by Mengham Infant School to take children out and about on various projects. If your Charity or good cause is in need of transport, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
On the subject of Mini Buses, we are delighted that Hayling Voluntary Services, now known as JT’S Community Services have their Mini Bus on the road which we helped sponsor and carries our logo on the vehicle. We were delighted to help such a worthwhile cause.
Whilst It’s not a great time for any of us we are pleased our members have generally managed to avoid Coronavirus. But, on a worrying note we have five members either awaiting hospital treatment or in hospital being treated. It’s a worry the problems being caused in society by delayed operations, reluctance to go to hospital or just not visiting or talking to your GP.
Thank you every one for your support this year and we do hope to be back in operation next year, but in the meantime from the Chairman and members of Hayling Island Businessmen’s Club a very Happy Christmas and New Year. Please contact our secretary for any info: Stephen James Tel : 07957 872307 E-Mail : secretary@hibc.org.uk

2020 – July Report

Following on from last month, I have had a number of comments as to how interesting readers of the Herald found the article about the history of the club and one prominent member. I thought I would for this month give a further insight into events of the past, rather than the personnel involved.

In March 1964 we did have a thriving Chamber of Trade in which a number of our founder members were active. It was suggested they formed a club of their own. They didn’t hang around, by April the Club was formed with Bob Green of the West Town Hotel the first Chairman. Members were very generous with early projects, with Cecil Walker providing a TV for Orchard Close. Several members were volunteer drivers and would drive the Mini Bus, although some would drive their own cars and take people on hospital appointments, a job done so well now by Hayling Volunteer Services.

In September 1964 the Club took 15 senior citizens on holiday for a week to Swanage. There were volunteer drivers, helpers and I am sure many of you will recall Dr Brenan, who went along as Doctor in charge.

In October 1964 it was agreed that the club would do its best to ensure no elderly or infirm residents went cold during the winter. We were very successful and provided heat for many homes. During December of our first year we offered a Chiropody service to our elderly at a cost of two shillings and sixpence per person (12.5p) It was estimated that 10 persons per week attended. We did purchase a screen to give privacy when removing stockings.

One of the best stories relating to the club is when a coach was laid on to take 26 elderly folk to the Pantomime in Portsmouth. Upon returning to Hayling it was found that we had 28, with two being oblivious to being on the wrong coach. Nobody had checked upon leaving Portsmouth!! Needless to say they were promptly returned with their correct coach still waiting for them.

The Club for 10 years sponsored a Berth for a young Hayling person on the “Winston Churchill” a sail training schooner at a cost of £200 per year. We were the smallest group to ever do this, but the ever increasing costs made it unaffordable. The same applied to the Swanage holiday scheme unfortunately.

I hope you realise from this, the camaraderie that exists within the club and why most of our members serve for a number of years. We certainly hope to be back soon, and if you have an interest, even if you are not a businessman in serving the community, please visit our website or Facebook page. 

2020 – June Report

Since my last report much to our surprise our Chairman Bruce Mowatt arranged a virtual meeting. It was very successful with members enjoying the catch up. The whole team seem to be in good spirits albeit most are in isolation. Some are fortunate enough to have been able to return to work. A healthy debate as to the way forward took place, but we have insufficient numbers available to consider much change in our current situation. We have in fact notified the authorities and SORN our mini bus until such times venues are open and it is needed.

A great deal of thought has been going on during the current period and I have been reading about the history of the club which was formed in 1964, an incredible 56 years. Interestingly reading the notes it was considered setting up as a branch of Rotary or Lions, but the initial members decided at the time, being a small Island an independent group would work better and we would create our own constitution.

We have no original members within the club now, but we do have a very long serving member who joined the club in its 11th year which was 1975. That is an amazing 45 years of membership, serving the Community into which he was born. The man I talk of is John Cottle, who many of you will recall as a Heating and Plumbing Engineer on Hayling.

John joined HIBC in 1975. In the early days membership was by invitation, unlike today, where we welcome membership from gentlemen with an interest in our Island community, charity and friendship. Originally all the members were local professional and business men, hence the name of the Club and the reason for meeting during the lunch time.

Early fund raising events were many and included a Donkey Derby in 1966, followed by Dog Derbies, new car and bicycle raffles, 200 Club, Charity Shop, Carnival support, Cabaret Nights, Beetle Drives, Seafood and Cheese and Wine parties, Strawberry Fairs, Street Collections, Raffles and Solent Cruises, today we have our ongoing Pig Racing Nights and our popular BBQ at Northney Farm. When John mentioned the charity shop back all those years, it must have been one of the first and it was an important fund raiser. However in those days shops didn’t stay empty long, so it was only ever temporary.

The Club has a great record of serving the Community with the use of our Community Bus and support with donations to many worthwhile individuals and organisations, Schools, Health Centre, North Hayling Recreational Hall, Community Centre, Boxing, Football Clubs, Scouts, First Responders, Age Concern, Blind Club, Orchard Close, Churches and holidays and food parcels for deserving Islanders.

John was born and schooled on Hayling, he also married Iris and their children were christened in St. Marys and being in business locally, he decided he wanted to put something back into the community which has served him and his family well. He is very proud to be part of this small, dedicated team and is now a Life Member awarded in recognition of his service. Club social events have been fun and an opportunity to meet up with wives and partners to whom we owe much for their support and encouragement.

Any club which can retain the services and interest for this number of years must have the right mixture of camaraderie and business, so John hopes these reminiscences of his will encourage some readers to consider contacting the Club and join us as a guest at one of our lunch meetings and then hopefully join us.

2020 – May Report

Hayling Island Businessmen’s Club Report. May 20

I did think last month would be the last Club report for a while but decided it may be sensible to try and keep communications flowing. Lyn and I are into our fourth week of lockdown following the breakout of COVID19 and despite the odd bit of stretched nerves we are managing fairly well with just the two of us in the house. I have only been out once to collect a shopping order, as we have managed with the help received from family, fantastic neighbours and friends in keeping our fridges topped up. We have not had to call on the various groups for help yet, but do appreciate the help that is available out there. I am sure one day we will need.

The club is so sorry to not be meeting but, firstly the venues are closed where we met and secondly we are nearly all in the vulnerable group when it comes to ages.

One of our Members Steve James the Club Secretary has joined the Hayling Helpers and doing a great job when called upon to do so. Steve is fairly new to the Island but he and his wife Lin have settled into the Hayling way of life so well, Steve joining the Businessmen’s Club and both now joined the Hayling Helpers. We really could do with more members in his mould and age group for the future of the club when we do get restarted. A wife of a club member has lost an elderly sister to the virus, but as far as I can ascertain that is the only casualty to date with a club connection.

Talking of the Hayling Helpers, the club were delighted to make them our last donations as we entered lockdown. What a great setup in such a short time helping our fellow Islanders. Please remember these groups are there to help you, this is why they all offered to help. They do not want you taking risks for a pint of milk, or collecting a prescription, ask for help, don’t be embarrassed if you are in the vulnerable groups. PLEASE STAY AT HOME and request help. The Community centre is the HUB with a good stock of emergency supplies. Who knows you may even get to meet one of Portsmouth FC’s star players supporting the boxing club. I believe they are all working as a team including the Hayling Volunteer Services who are into delivering meals for you on a daily basis. If you search on Facebook you can also donate to help fund these amazing people.

We still have the club’s mini bus locked away in the garage not being used, which seems a shame with all the hard work going on in the voluntary sector, but who knows following a further review of the lockdown next month, we may be able to reconsider our options.

Most of our club meetings from now would be taken up organising our BBQ in July, so it seems strange for the first time since 1989 it is not a part of my life. I just hope club members enjoy the rest and come back next year full of enthusiasm to have a real humdinger. The public I know will miss it in July going by the sell outs over the last few years.

Good luck everyone, just take care.

2020 – April Report

Hayling Island Businessmen’s Club:

Sadly in line with many other charities, this will be my last report for a while unless some news worthy items surface. Because of the Corona Virus we have had to close down our Club until such time this all passes over. This is no different from most other organisations on the Island. The average age of members and the volunteer drivers, plus the age of the users of the bus it is impossible to protect everyone. One user of the bus being infected would have really been problematical for everyone as the Bus is confined for space. Also our users, such as Age Concern and the venues we were taking them to have closed, so it is a no win situation until better days are here. I am sure everyone understands the stance we and all the other charities have taken.

The above obviously means that our fund raising events such as the much awaited BBQ is cancelled this year, as is what was to have been our first Super Quiz fund raising night in June. Maybe, just maybe, our Pig Racing night may get the go ahead in November. It would be wonderful if it can.

Like all charities we will be returning I trust, but with a huge hole in our finances which will not be easy to replace, so please consider supporting our events when we are able to start. If you are a supporter of the club and our aims, you can also donate through our Facebook page should you wish to help ensure we are up and running when we are cleared to do so.

Best of luck to all the charities we support as I know some are keeping going, such as the great work the Hayling Volunteer service do at the Health Centre and the Community Centre trying to keep a venue open, albeit with restrictions. I am sure there are many others, but a special thanks to the Hayling Helpers who managed to form and organise into a Task Force in such a short time. I know along with all the others, Hayling will remain strong.

2020 – Covid-19 News

HAYLING Island Businessmen’s Club are happy to support HAYLING helpers. We have made a donation despite having put the club into temporary closure. We appreciate what you are doing for our Community and trust this will help fulfil your aims.

HAYLING helpers is a Facebook based group to ask for help whilst you are self isolating because of corona virus. If you need shopping, gas or electric top up, medication or prescription collection etc.

Please ask for help don’t suffer alone Hayling Islanders will be here to support and come together during this time of need.  

See the Fecebook group using the link below for more information.
Hayling Helpers Facebook Page


2020 – March Report

Hayling Island Businessmen’s Club: Gentlemen Your Island Needs You!!

As many of you know we are a small Club historically made up of local Businessmen since 1964. In more recent years we have expanded on that and most of our members are now men who wish to give a few hours per month to help the Community in which they live. Our aim is to raise funds by way of a few events every year, which to date we have been very successful at.

We not only purchase a Mini Bus for local good causes to use as and when it is available, we are able to make small donations to help others out as well. Examples are the Christmas Dinner held every year for those who are alone, the Holiday lunch Club and the concert for senior residents which we hold at Sinah Warren.

Can you spare some time to mix socially with others by enjoying a light lunch at Seacourt Tennis Club once every two weeks? We meet to discuss various fund raising activity and how to spend the money raised. It is mostly a pleasure with the hardest task being our annual BBQ at Northney Farm, but do believe me when I say, we all enjoy it.

Can you spare those few hours a month to help us out and share the camaraderie that exists, plus carry on with our success to ensure our ambitions are achieved?

We have a member who is responsible for recruiting and he is waiting to invite you to lunch, on us to find out more about the club. Please contact Ray Jones who many of you will know on 02392 467374 to arrange.

A future date for our senior citizens to put in their diaries is the 11th November for our concert at Sinah Warren. Please help by ensuring you get the tickets you need, but returning unused ones for others to use.

Thank you for reading this report, please feel free to browse either our Facebook page or our website. http://www.hibc.org.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/hibc.org.uk/?ref=bookmarks

Both links have a great deal more information for you regarding our history and our aims.

2020 – February Report

On the 14th January on a wild and stormy night HIBC held its AGM at Seacourt Tennis Club. Considering storm Brendan was brewing up the attendance was very good, which highlights the comradery that exists within the club. Despite the seriousness and importance of filling the various positions, it is a fun evening.

Steve James awarded the Cup to recognise his hard work during 2019

Dave Turvey was awarded the wooden spoon.

Our outgoing Chairman Marcus Foot highlighted the extreme pleasure and pride he had in being at the helm for the past year. Marcus was especially proud, as he is the only second generation Chairman in the clubs history. His Father Geoff was Chairman in 1989 and one of our most active members prior to his death some years ago. Geoff was actually in the Chair the year I joined the Club. Interestingly, our longest serving living member is John Cottle, who joined the club in 1975, which is an amazing 45 years. Again, I think this highlights the enjoyment members obtain from the club, so if you want to know more please do not hesitate to contact us. As I have said before, don’t let the title put you off, it is of historical importance to the history of the club and how it came into being in 1964. This is a tremendous 56 years this year. Please visit and like our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/hibc.org.uk/

Outgoing Chairman Marcus Foot welcomes Bruce Mowatt to the Chair.

Our new Chairman was duly elected after each member had submitted their reports. Unanimously, Bruce Mowatt was elected, as he has been an outstanding member since he joined five years ago. Bruce is now retired but during his career he was a General Manager of an engineering company in south Wales, supplying safety critical components to the car industry. Bruce prior to moving back to the Island had a previous connection, having gone to school here as a child. Bruce’s aim is to continue the good work we have achieved in the past few years plus, continue the growth in Membership.

On the day to day business, the club agreed to donate £240 to Hayling Holiday Lunches a very worthwhile cause.

Please note that the BBQ this year is the same venue and will be on Saturday July 11th. We have by demand booked Monarchy Queen again. Please put in your Diaries to ensure you don’t forget or double book the night.

To close on a sad note unfortunately, a lovely member of the club Pat Riley recently passed away. You may recall Pat from the newsagents at Eastoke Corner. Pat was quiet and an unassuming member of the club and carried out his role with enthusiasm. He will be missed

2020 – January Report


Happy New Year to everyone, we trust you had a great Christmas and kicked the New Year off in style. Everyone at the club had a fairly quiet end to the year following the Pig Racing success, but none the less we are still meeting and thinking of ideas to increase our funding and events to support our Community. We have our AGM in January when all positions in the club will be agreed and a new Chairman being voted in as it is the only position that is held for one year only within the club.

On the subject of supporting the Community, a great deal of effort is put into raising enough funding to keep our mini bus on the road, probably in the region of £500 per month without depreciation. It is currently, despite its popularity being underused. If you are a Charity or organisation working for the benefit of the Community the bus is available to use especially in the evenings and weekends. Please contact Trevor Slydell on 02392 468883 or 07836 241920 if you wish to enquire. Just because it has been in use when you have phoned before, do not let that stop you, we want it to be used, and see it running around getting people out who may not otherwise do so, or getting youngsters to sporting events.

Our Mengham street collection was held on the 20th December and again we wish to thank Islanders for their generous giving. Despite the early morning rain which did hold off for the rest of the day, we collected the grand sum of £424.11.

We do look forward to seeing you all at our future events and to continue with our successful events. By public demand with date to be confirmed, we have booked Monarchy as QUEEN!!!