2020 – January Report


Happy New Year to everyone, we trust you had a great Christmas and kicked the New Year off in style. Everyone at the club had a fairly quiet end to the year following the Pig Racing success, but none the less we are still meeting and thinking of ideas to increase our funding and events to support our Community. We have our AGM in January when all positions in the club will be agreed and a new Chairman being voted in as it is the only position that is held for one year only within the club.

On the subject of supporting the Community, a great deal of effort is put into raising enough funding to keep our mini bus on the road, probably in the region of £500 per month without depreciation. It is currently, despite its popularity being underused. If you are a Charity or organisation working for the benefit of the Community the bus is available to use especially in the evenings and weekends. Please contact Trevor Slydell on 02392 468883 or 07836 241920 if you wish to enquire. Just because it has been in use when you have phoned before, do not let that stop you, we want it to be used, and see it running around getting people out who may not otherwise do so, or getting youngsters to sporting events.

Our Mengham street collection was held on the 20th December and again we wish to thank Islanders for their generous giving. Despite the early morning rain which did hold off for the rest of the day, we collected the grand sum of £424.11.

We do look forward to seeing you all at our future events and to continue with our successful events. By public demand with date to be confirmed, we have booked Monarchy as QUEEN!!!