2015 – Hayling College Awards

Hayling College Awards – Hayling Island Businessmen’s Club – Report by John Cushion

In addition to running the Community Bus, Hayling Island Businessmen’s Club also helps many other organisations on the Island. In recent years an increasing amount of support has been given to youth groups and it was our pleasure to sponsor two awards at the Hayling College at the final assembly of the year on 17th July. In addition to the splendid trophies all winners receive a monetary award.

The award for Sportsperson of The Year in memory former Club Chairman Geoff Foot was presented to Ben Todd who the College simply describe as “a fantastic sailor” The trophy was presented by Geoff’s son Marcus Foot.

The award for Achiever of the Year in memory of a former Club Chairman Wally Egan was awarded jointly to Scarlett Vadgama and Anna Eglin for showing extremely promising enterprising skills when preparing for a Business and languages challenge.  Scarlett and Anna created their own corporate identity and developed a marketing strategy to promote their business in the target language. They both displayed mature and thoughtful interpersonal and communication skills and carried out research which showed a calm and methodical approach to problem solving. Both Scarlett and Anna thoroughly deserved to be recognised for their extremely mature and professional towards the challenge. The Trophy was awarded by HIBC Chairman John Cushion.

2015 – September Report


At the last meeting before the August recess, members were pleased to welcome as a guest speaker the chief executive of the Station Theatre, Laurie Noble. Very knowledgeable on the subject, Laurie gave a very interesting and informative overview of the founding of HIADS from the days leading up to purchase of the old and tired goods shed, through the fundraising campaign and finally up to the fitting out of the theatre to what it is today. Laurie and his team are proud of the fact that the theatre neither requires nor requests external funding and is entirely self-sufficient. The Businessmen’s Club supports the theatre throughout the year and in August arranged and paid for 80 senior citizens from local organizations to attend the latest HIADS hilarious production Dick Barton Special Agent.

There are currently tickets available for the next and future HIADS productions and details can be obtained from our Community Services Chairman who you can contact by e-mail at communityservices@hibc.org.uk. Please note that tickets are only available to senior citizen and similar organisations and not on an individual basis.

With the dust finally settling on the Annual Barbeque, Club treasurer John Greenland was delighted to report an overall increase to Club funds of over £5000, a truly remarkable effort. Due to lack of space in last month’s edition it was not possible to acknowledge and thank everyone who gave so generously of their time and donations. Please rest assured that your support is greatly appreciated and that every last penny raised goes back into the Community Bus project and other worthwhile causes on the Island.

The date for the Pig Race night to be held at the Community Hall has been set for Saturday 14th November. This has proved to be a very popular evening and an even bigger and better event is planned for this year. Tickets at £8 including race card and supper, children under 12 at £5 will shortly be available from Club members and usual outlets. The Club is looking for local businesses or individuals to Sponsor a Pig, all proceeds going to local good causes. Please contact our club secretary by e mail at secretary@hibc.org.uk

Earlier in July former Club Chairman Dave Stanway successfully completed the round the Island kayak event. Members generously donated to the cause and Dave raised a total of over £400 for charity.

Members were pleased to agree a donation to the theatre company, Les Enfants Terrible part of The Springs outreach programme.  The company gave a performance of Dr Longitude’s Marvellous Imaginary Menagerie on Hayling Park on 7th August for the benefit of children on the Island.

Several organisations are urgently seeking volunteer drivers for the Community Bus. For insurance purposes drivers normally have to be under 71 but it may be possible to have older drivers approved in certain circumstances. If you have a clean driving licence and can spare a few hours a week please contact Club Community Bus manager Trevor Slydell at minibus@hibc.org.uk for more details. There is no need to take a driving test but instruction for safe use of the vehicle can be given if required.