2011 – Pig Racing Report

Pig Racing is Hotter to trotter

The Hayling Island Businessmens Club inaugural pig racing meeting got off to a (ahem: pigs might) flying start on the 10th September. Curiosity as to what it was all about overcame nearly 150 people who attended the event at the community centre helping to raise in excess of £1,000 towards the buisinessmens club minibus appeal.

“It’s an unusual, but extremely enjoyable way of the whole family to help us raise money for our community minibus appeal. We are delighted with the attendance, but more with the enthusiasm of the crowds as they cheered on their chosen piggy” Said club chairman Malcolm Newness.

“We are looking forward to holding similar events in the future, so please watch this space” he added.

The pigs themselves are fluffy mechanical pigs that raced along a track with each of the races lasting a few minutes. During the race the crowd’s enthusiasm grew and huge cheers for the winning pig could be heard as it careered over the winning line.

At the end of the evening the pigs were auctioned to boost the charities coffers. Successful bidders Delphine Foot (9) and her cousin Jamie Allen (8) chimed “Number 2 pig won for us and we are really chuffed to have won him in the end, we’re gonna call him Happy Rasher!”

All the club members would like to thank everyone who attended and all the staff of the community centre for making it such a successful event, with special thanks to all the race sponsors.